SUX, WOW, OMG and More Airline Codes to Make You LOL

As for FAT, it has nothing to do with being "passengers of size" and everything to do with Switzerland's freight airline Farnair. Speaking of Swiss carriers, I'm sorry to say that the incomparably named Baboo (BBO) no longer exists, having been taken over by Darwin Airline. I guess you could say it evolved.

Some codes are as confusing as those airline miles program rules and Southwest is a good example. The carrier's stock ticker symbol is LUV, but the ICAO assigned LUV to Luxembourg Air Rescue and gave Southwest plain old SWA.

But Southwest's IATA code is the somewhat inexplicable WN. According to rumor, IATA officials told Southwest that SW was already assigned (to Air Namibia) and asked whether they'd like the next random code, to which the airline execs supposedly responded, "Why Not?" Well, it's a good story.

Keeping track of all this can more difficult than finding legroom in coach but I'm sure there's an APP for that (Aerolineas Pacifico Atlantico). Maybe I'd better quit while I'm ahead, so thanks and BYE for now (Bayu Indonesia Air).

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