Airports Have Fewer Human Workers

To be sure, none of them know everything, but if you dig around on an airline website long enough, you'll usually find a phone number that'll connect you to a human. The point is, airlines want you to exhaust all robotic possibilities first.

Then there's Ava the avatar, who was recently unveiled by the New York Port Authority as a greeter who also provides information for passengers traveling through JFK, LaGuardia and Newark (and heaven knows, passengers at those airports can probably use all the help they can get). The life-sized, plastic-glass creation is programmed to "speak in reassuring tones." Fine, but will she find your lost luggage?

Ultimately, such reliance on robotics has its good points and bad, but the real question is where will it end? Which brings me back to those predictions from the start of this column; one that I neglected to mention suggests that by the year 2050, some of us will be, uh, "dating" robots.

I wonder how Ava, Jenn and Alex feel about that.

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