Where to Go in a Hot Tub Time Machine

Bizarre Street Signs: Effective?

But the ultimate hot tub time machine is definitely the original Seven Wonders of the World. In a world in which we can replicate almost anything via Disney, these might still be the ultimate bucket list for all travelers.

Maguy Maccario-Doyle, Consul General of the Principality of Monaco, based in New York

I would travel back to a time when the journey itself was as anticipated as the final destination. When men and women were stylishly dressed, men always in suits and ties and never without hats, while women wore tailored travel suits with hats and gloves and carried elegant bags (looking like Grace Kelly!). Transatlantic travel, in particular, by ocean liner or jet had a patina of glamour and was so much more civilized. And, as a result, travelers themselves were treated with respect, too.

Superyacht Features Disco Room

Chef Tony Mantuano of Chicago's Spiaggia and a contestant of season two of 'Top Chef Masters'

If I had a hot tub time machine, I would jump in and take it back to the time of Escoffier, the greatest French chef who ever lived. Knowing what I know today I think I would kick his butt in the kitchen and ultimately change the future of Italian cuisine in the world, making it more famous than French cooking. Italian cooking would be looked up to for centuries to come, replacing French cuisine as the standard bearer of cooking around the world. I think Escoffier spent much of his time in the south of France, in places like Cannes and then ended up in Monte Carlo. I would enjoy relaxing on the beach or playing some cards in between teaching him a thing or two on authentic Italian cuisine.

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Phil Shalala, chief marketing officer of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

I take the hot tub time machine back to 1976 Oahu, Hawaii. There, as a political science teacher in Honolulu's Punahou School, I meet 15-year-old sophomore Barack Obama. Due to my high intellect and powerful ideas, young Barack instantly takes me on as his mentor. Under my guidance, I teach him the nuances of shooting craps, the importance of having a good time, and why the destination of Las Vegas can uplift the spirits of Americans as well as their economy. As a young kid from the islands, Barack is fascinated by the stories of Las Vegas -- the idea that Hawaiian resident status is recognized for Las Vegas schools. And jobs? Yes, there are. That's why I tell him that Las Vegas is known as the ninth island of Hawaii.

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