Inside Miami International Airport's Security Forces During a Hijack Situation

Meanwhile, in MIA's international terminal, other patrol dogs are trying to head off a shipment of the kind of plants that could carry devastating crop disease into the United States, but they also find a full assortment of oddities, including human body parts and fetuses used in Haitian religious rituals.

There are even bird smugglers that Border Patrol agents say will tape live birds inside their pants legs or around their waists. But bird smugglers are small potatoes in a "category x" airport -- the designation given to prime terror targets.

"We know for a fact that we are still the prime target for terrorism in the United States," Stover says. "And for us, we know there are threats here. There are insider threats, there is the threat of people coming into the country ... there are people out there that are financing terrorism through Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups."

Stover believes giving an insider look at the airport's securities measures is acting as a deterrent. But even then, it seems that officials still might have a few tricks up their sleeve. Miami-Dade police officer Felix Hechavarria says that the training filmed "was nothing" compared to what their forces can do to handle criminals.

"Domestic, international terrorism [perpetrators] that want to come on and wreak havoc at MIA, we've got something for them," he says.

Here's hoping they never have to prove it.

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