How to Make or Break a Great Vacation

5. Make it: Using a carry-on

It's not just a way to avoid a fairly costly checked-bag fee, it's all about freedom: Freedom from worry (your bag stays with you), freedom from tedious waiting (no need to hand out at the baggage carousel) and even freedom from wardrobe decisions (since you can't pack much more than you'll actually need). A woman from Utah sounded pretty proud of herself recently when she told one of my employees that she's going on a ten day trip to Bermuda with just a carry-on. You can do it, too.

6. Break it: Forgetting the food

On a short flight, this is no big deal but when you're stuck on a plane for two hours or more and suddenly remember domestic flights no longer serve meals (and some airlines don't even give you a bag of peanuts), snacks become important. I for one and not above bribery when it comes to taming cranky little ones (candy is handy) and food also works well for soothing cranky grown-ups.

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