Chris Conte, 13 WHAM News
  • Bizarre Street Signs: Effective or Ridiculous?

    New signs in Wayne County, N.Y., warn drivers of frogs crossing the road. The signs were met with mixed reactions by some local officials who say spending money on these signs in the tough economy is absurd.
    Chris Conte, 13 WHAM News
  • Skeletons to Spook New Yorkers Out of Speeding

    A viewer Jana Barnello, submitted this photo of a sign she saw warning hikers on the Wales coast in Spring 2007.
    Jana Barnello/Twitter
  • World's Most Bizarre Signs

    Heavy-footed drivers in New York City will soon get a creepy warning when they exceed the speed limit. The city's Transportation Department plans digital speed signs that not only show drivers how fast they are going, but display images of skeletons when cars go above the 30 mph limit, The New York Times reported. The skeleton, which resembles the pedestrian that appears on crosswalk signs, is meant to emphasize the potential dangers of speeding on city streets.
    New York City Department of Transportation
  • World's Most Bizarre Road Signs

    There are some things that you probably don't want your home-improvement store to help you with.
    Courtesy Java Junki
  • World's Most Bizarre Road Signs

    We assume this sign from Taiwan means the fish are poisoned. But maybe it means you shouldn't feed the fish poison. Maybe.
    Courtesy Arion Ellis Potts Photography
  • Road Painters Need a Spell-Check

    Boy, how would you feel if you took out this church sign in Lawrenceville, Ga.?
  • Road Painters Need a Spell-Check

    So can only women in high heels with shopping bags use this crosswalk? What about men?
  • Road Painters Need a Spell-Check

    Who is eating at this restaurant in Hobe Sound, Fla.?
  • Road Painters Need a Spell-Check

    Would you advertise your business like this?
    Ben-Jin Ooi
  • Road Painters Need a Spell-Check

    Slow down when driving through Kalamazoo, Mich. It's pretty clear that this is not a novelty sign.
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