Road Rage: Why Drivers Lose Their Cool and How to Prevent It


In that moment, Berry’s friend Shaylee started videotaping with her cell phone camera. The video shows that after Berry threw a punch, Turner went down and his wife got out of their truck and handed him a pistol. Turner cocks the gun and it accidentally goes off. The video cuts out after that.

“All we heard was click, click, click,” Berry said.

“I was honestly scared for my life. After those clicks my heart dropped. Everything got real after that,” Brotzman said.

Police say Turner eventually pulled away from Brotzman’s driveway, but then he circled back and fired shots into Berry’s empty pick-up. The Turners turned themselves in and are now facing a whole litany of charges.

Police said they did not charge the young men because they were defending themselves.

"A lot of people are saying, 'you should just put the phone down and call the cops, do the right thing,’ But it's like, if you're in that predicament, what are you going to do? You don't know,” Berry said. “It's the heat of the moment. Your adrenaline is going, you're not going to think right, and we defended ourselves. That's what we did."

The case is still making its way through the court system and Bradley Turner is now looking at spending up to four years in prison if convicted, all because of road rage. Back in March 2013 Turner first plead guilty. His attorney, Roger Crowe, told ABC News that the court process was still ongoing.

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