How to Save 30 Percent on Summer Flights

• Percentage saved with later departure - 33 percent

Savings vary. Let's say you push back a flight from Washington, D.C., to Paris by the same number of days. This will save you money, about 25 percent and that extra $300 in your pocket can buy an awful lot of bonbons de chocolat in the City of Lights.

Can't schedule your entire trip that late in the season? Split the difference. Start your travel at during the peak of the summer but return past-the-peak of the season and you'll still reap half the savings.

If you're totally flexible and can forgo a summer trip, you'll see all kinds of discounting and specials throughout the fall. Plus you'll enjoy cooler temperatures (it can get pretty humid in Barcelona in summer, and that goes double for Miami). Even better, there will be fewer crowds, at the airport and at popular attractions. Spring is cheaper as well, but winter is cheapest of all (exceptions: Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods).

Oh, remember how I mentioned those chocolate bonbons? Try to resist if you'll be flying Samoa Air anytime soon.

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