'Save-cation' Latest Trend in Theme-Cations Like Stay, Near and Procreation

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You've heard of the stay-cation. But have you heard of the save-cation? It's the latest "cation" trend, also known as the "Hail-Mary Honeymoon." Read on to find out more about the save-cation, as well as the definitions for seven other "cation" trends.

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The Save-Cation

Divorce is expensive. What if you could save your marriage with a simple vacation? Some time to rekindle the romance, if you will. A psychologist recently told the New York Times she's seen an increase in patients taking such "save-cations" in the last few years. But another expert warns a vacation might not be the magic cure all.

The Stay-Cation

This one was all the rage back in 2007 and 2008 when gas prices were skyrocketing and airfare was getting out of hand at the same time the economy was falling off a cliff and it seemed no one had any money to actually go anywhere. Though more people are taking actual vacations again, the "stay-cation" remains one of the most popular -cation terms. Today people use the term to pretty much describe any time period that includes time off work but no trip planned.

The Near-Cation

This one's a little harder to define, but in general means a long weekend away within driving distance of home. It's typically used by folks who otherwise take "real" vacations involving far-flung, exotic destinations and expensive airfare. It's a way for them to communicate with you that they don't consider this a proper vacation without being insulting if the person they're talking to only takes near-cations.

The Mini Moon

This is the honeymoon before the honeymoon. Usually taken within driving distance of the couple's wedding location and three-to-four-nights, it's an opportunity for couples postponing their honeymoons to get away for a few days to decompress from the wedding.

The Procreation Vacation

TMI people, TMI. This is the vacation a couple takes when they decide they would like to have a baby. Carefully timed and filled with romance, several hotels offer packages designed to help things along to set the mood, so to speak.

The Baby Moon

This is the vacation couples take before the arrival of their first child. It's a sort of "last hurrah" for the parents and typically involves a quiet beach resort and lots of pre-natal massages and pampering for the mom-to-be. Several hotels recently jumped on the royal baby's impending birth as an opportunity to create "Royal Babymoon" packages.

The Family Moon

Of all the "moon" and "cation" options available these days, this one is perhaps the least familiar to the traveling public, even though it has at least two definitions. Some people define this as a vacation a family takes after a baby is born (see nos. 5 and 6) while others use the term to describe a honeymoon taken by all the members of a newly-blended family.

The Plastic Surgery Recovery Vacation

Yes, this is real. As if plastic surgery wasn't luxury enough, now high-end hotels team up with plastic surgeons to allow their patients recoup in the lap of luxury. For example, The Pierre Hotel in New York City offers a package with Dr. Robert Grant, Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University & Weill Cornell Medical Centers. The package also comes complete with a stylist and a nutritionist to facilitate your transition to the new you.

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