SkyMall: Best and Worst Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Better point: When bored on the road, turn on the hotel TV, find a channel showing the latest Harry Potter movie and use the wand to pretend you're part of the action.

5. Bigfoot the Garden Yeti Statue - $89.95 to $115

Yes, I wrote about the Garden Yeti last year, and I'm pleased to say my old friend still seems to be a popular draw at SkyMall. This smallish sculpture (20 inches tall) is a cross between the legendary Bigfoot, the mythical Abominable Snowman and your everyday ape. Not only is it 12 pounds of "quality designer resin" - it's also hand painted for "startling realism."

Bad point: Backyard may get crowded with camera-toting tourists.

Good point: While out of town, that startling realism could come in handy to scare away burglars.

Better point: Should you find yourself heading to Kathmandu on Nepal-based Yeti Airlines (company logo: a large foot), you and the locals will have plenty to talk about.

Happy travels and happy shopping.

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