Strangest Travel Headlines (and the Truth Behind the Stories)

Tip: If you fly an airline that charges a carry-on fee, consider checking your bag because it might well be cheaper. If you do decide to use a carry-on, pay the fee at the earliest opportunity since the price goes up the longer you delay. If you wait until getting to the gate to pay, Spirit will charge you a cool $100.

Headline: 'Passenger Islanders to Live Aboard Commercial Airplane'

Recently the coach of the New York Islanders was not happy with his team's performance, slamming the hockey players as "passengers" -- as in just along for the ride or not Gretzky-ish enough or something. Then, the coach took it a step further. According to a media report, he apparently ordered the team to live like passengers by camping out in an old Lufthansa 737 at Long Island's Republic Airport. Players will supposedly eat their meals on the plane (hope the guys like peanuts and pretzels) and even sleep there.

Tip: If your boss ever tries something like this, volunteer to pass out the pillow and blankets; those fees could make you rich (U.S. Airways charges $7 while Virgin America gets 10 bucks for this amenity). You might also want to consult someone well-versed in statutes relating to torture.

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