Travel Quiz: Cheap Flights, Crazy Passengers and Naked Pictures

C. New York to London.

Correct answer is B. Along for the ride were the CEOs of United and Boeing, so you better believe the flight was a success.

6. When an airline announces a two-day airfare sale that usually means:

A. A limited number of seats per plane are on sale.

B. Sale seats might not be available for both days of the sale.

C. You probably won't be able to fly any day you want.

Correct answer is all of the above. Typical sales of today are often extremely limited in terms of days of the week to which they apply, as well as the number of seats put on sale (usually only about 10 percent of the seats on a plane). Plus, if the sale seats sell out, even if the sale is still technically underway, the airline will usually not replenish that inventory.

7. What unusual item was seized by Customs at Los Angeles International Airport recently?

A. Half-pound of Asian elephant meat.

B. A dead (stuffed) primate.

C. Monitor lizard.

Correct answer, again is all of the above. The primate, a macaque, was possibly going to be used for decorative purposes, but it's unclear what was going on with the other items or the cobras, pythons and dwarf alligators that were also seized.

8. A recent poll asking passengers about seat-mate preferences revealed the following:

A. Most would rather sit next to a smelly seat mate than a screaming baby.

B. Most would grab a seat with extra legroom even if it meant being seated next to a non-stop talker.

C. Most would rather have someone fall asleep on them rather than pay a carry-on bag fee.

Correct answer is B. Most said they'd take a crying infant over an odorous adult any time. But it should also be noted that while they weren't in the majority, nearly 40 percent said they'd be OK with someone drooling and snoring on their shoulder if it meant ditching the fee.

9. Which of the following is usually a simple way to save on airfare any time you shop:

A. Fly a connecting flight instead of a more convenient non-stop.

B. Fly during less popular days, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

C. Fly at dawn or on an overnight (red-eye) flight.

Correct answer is all of the above. He who is most flexible saves the most money.

10. According to the latest survey from Consumer Reports, the best airline in the United States is:

A. American.

B. Spirit.

C. Virgin America.

Correct answer is C. Virgin America tops another "best list", followed by JetBlue and Southwest. American and other legacy carriers fell somewhere in the middle while Spirit ranked dead last, garnering what the Consumer Reports analysts called, "one of the lowest overall scores for any company we've ever rated." As they say, ouch!

Grading Key

How'd you do? Count up the number of right answers you got and see below.

• 9 - 10 correct: Flight attendants routinely approach you to say, "The captain needs a break; can you take over for a while?"

• 6 - 8 correct: When you call SkyMall to place an order, the operator greets you by name.

• 3 - 5 correct: You see everyone remove their shoes at the security checkpoint and wonder if this is some crazy new hipster fad.

• 1 - 2 correct: You can't recall who was in the cockpit the last time you flew but you're pretty sure it was either Orville or Wilbur.

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