TSA Opt Out Day: Thanksgiving Travelers Quiet So Far


"The worst part is when she went up the inside of my legs and she pushed her hands into my private area as though she was trying to spread it apart. I told her that I must be dreaming and she said that she was sorry, but that is their job and she was just following orders," Palmer said. "I really felt violated and mad, because they can do whatever they want. What makes them any different than some pervert or rapist on the street? What are we telling them, that it is OK to do whatever they want to us and it is nothing we can say or do about it, because we are all now criminals and we don't have any rights?"

Did I Add a Few Pounds?: Pamela Litton didn't feel so slim after getting the full treatment from the TSA. "I was a little sensitive about the extra 10 pounds I had gained, especially in the tummy area, but never more so than when I my tummy area was patted down after going through security at our small-town airport," she said. "I set off no alarms, my shoes, little bottles in a bag, purse, carry on, everything went through the scanner without a hitch."

'No Big Deal': Linda Winston recently flew out of West Palm Beach, Fla. and underwent the pat-down. "It took about two seconds for the pat-down and it was no big deal. I did not feel like I was being frisked or sexually abused by the pat-down. I do not know what the big deal is all about."

Weed Out the Bad Screeners?: Ed Brehl said that as he travels through airports, "I notice some TSA reps are more zealous in their jobs than others. Could this be the crux of the entire problem? If so, should we not find another job for these people?"

Excellent and Friendly : Walter McDonough flew out of Portland, Maine and said the TSA "was excellent, friendly, fast and thorough. No hassles at all. A job well-done."

Buy Me a Drink First?: Robbie Owens recently flew from Los Angeles to Dallas and went through a full pat-down, including a check inside the waistband of his pants and around his groin.

"After finishing, I told the agent that with 'two more minutes of that … he'd have to buy me a drink,' He failed to see the humor in my remark and I failed to see the need for the groping."

ABC News' Sharyn Alfonsi and Sarah Netter contributed to this report.

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