Air Travelers Brace for Rising TSA Fees

Mandated by Congress, some TSA security fees are doubling and even tripling.
1:48 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Air Travelers Brace for Rising TSA Fees
Travel is a far cry from that romantic experience getting used to be -- had a good type I did I loved it people used to cater to you got the extra new if you ask you remember that are now replacing you don't remember that only got as the men's. Now replacing the romance delays long waits frustration anger. That's just me during one flight. The people most responsible for all of that are now reaching even deeper into your wallet. Here's ABC's Josh -- -- Paying for meals checked bags in Wi-Fi on flights was bad. Prepare yourself for higher TSA -- more difficult to avoid doubling or tripling in some cases. Airfares are high up incidents and to add on even more additional taxes and their -- season. He's in public these I think it is ridiculous. Mandated by congress the TSA is raising nonstop flight -- from two dollars and fifty cents to five dollars and sixty cents. Trips with multiple lives. Also up to five dollars and sixty cents. And connection longer than four hours George as a separate flight altogether. The lawmakers look at the air travel a look at. -- piggy bank ATM machine. The higher the automatically tacked on purchased flight. Everything almost seventeen billion dollars over the next ten years there will -- in the TSA. And people don't like the TSA at a slight pay more for root canal it's something we didn't want anyway. It's not the first time the TSA has been accused. Of wasteful spending in 2004. The agency spent more than thirty million dollars on explosive detection -- for machines. Only to shelve them for years later Josh Haskell ABC news New York.

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{"id":24662585,"title":"Air Travelers Brace for Rising TSA Fees","duration":"1:48","description":"Mandated by Congress, some TSA security fees are doubling and even tripling.","url":"/Travel/video/air-travel-prices-rising-tsa-fees-doubled-cases-24662585","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}