Plane Mix-Up Leaves Girl Stranded

Chloe Boyce, 9, ended up in the wrong city after Southwest snafu.
1:47 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Plane Mix-Up Leaves Girl Stranded
Travel nightmare with a nine year old caught in an airline's Limbaugh she is -- in Southwest Airlines has already reimbursed her family given them a free flight vouchers well given the frightening circumstances some might say that's hardly enough. Lori Mitchell of WKR and in Nashville report. This is nine year old Chloe -- Tuesday morning her mother and stepfather -- on -- southwest plane at national international airport. The little girl was supposed to be picked up by her -- at LaGuardia Airport in New York where she planned to spend Christmas. But when all the passengers got off the plane -- wheat wasn't on its -- ally Maxwell said after he. -- -- at LaGuardia act my sister -- she does I read an economy and tell me that she was going to be -- and I said. I don't know you're talking about frantic -- -- called the airline but no one there seem to know where Chloe was either it was like the scariest moment in my life tipping they didn't know where she lives nearly an hour later southwest tracked her down. In the wrong city. Here's what happened that little girl was supposed to travel from Nashville to Columbus to Baltimore to New York she ended up being diverted to Cleveland because -- fall and then when she finally did make it to Baltimore she was asked to get off the plane even though she wasn't supposed to. Meanwhile that went from southwest bothered to call her family and let the net. But someone took -- off the plane anyway -- because. She's a child so she's not gonna say no he can't -- me she doesn't know -- -- what was supposed to be a four hour trip it turned into a nine hour nightmare before the little girl finally made it to her destination and this wasn't her first time flying alone but it could be one of her last crew had just be driving from now --

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{"id":15212044,"title":"Plane Mix-Up Leaves Girl Stranded","duration":"1:47","description":"Chloe Boyce, 9, ended up in the wrong city after Southwest snafu.","url":"/Travel/video/plane-mix-up-leaves-girl-stranded-15212044","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}