Virgin America Does Safety With Song and Dance

Airline's in-flight instructions are communicated through singing, rapping and dancing.
4:58 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Virgin America Does Safety With Song and Dance
-- -- I've got some -- You can't. -- -- Do it gave the go to the. -- -- Never operate if he don't perform. I mean I'm reminded. Me yeah. Tumbled -- the tournament into tiny yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember -- don't should be back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- During the take off your -- Cary -- and he did not -- pockets are. Next to -- tonight -- from here. What's -- -- and joining me I mean yeah. And three. -- -- -- I still have. -- -- You don't have anything. There's a life. Houston to arm -- I was ever been placed it won't let your yeah. Once off the plane told. -- -- -- -- Just -- case. Steve thank -- okay. We can happen. Slowly now sits on his yeah. Doesn't win the the yeah. Death. To handle it. Hello there that. There's so this -- important for all you smokers -- -- -- grow out -- totally truthful. Federal law prohibits triple option destroying the there's a good -- today. -- To do. All right it's time for finals haven't -- -- -- carry on bags are still laying tray tables and seats are in their upright and the opposition's. And all electronic devices are completely shut off. For additional safety information check out the safety cards located in the -- market in front of you. Please read -- review before we take down. FAA regulations require that -- -- comply with delighted information signs posted blankets and construction have been flying team. You have any questions please don't. Now enjoy young -- And as always.

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{"id":20726899,"title":"Virgin America Does Safety With Song and Dance","duration":"4:58","description":"Airline's in-flight instructions are communicated through singing, rapping and dancing.","url":"/Travel/video/virgin-america-safety-song-dance-20726899","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}