9 Wackiest Moments of Summer 2013 Airline Travel

6. Alleged Crash Thieves

An ugly incident in the wake of July's deadly Asiana crash-landing in San Francisco occurred when a United customer service representative (and his wife) were accused of stealing luggage in the hectic days after the disaster. Both have pleaded not guilty. A few days after the incident, a former United baggage handler was convicted of an earlier case of looting passenger luggage at SFO.

7. Airline Employees With a Heart

I hope this never happens to you but if you ever have a death in the family and need to change non-refundable plane tickets at the last minute, brace yourself. The reservation agent will likely be sympathetic, then hit you with a big, fat change fee. Except once in a blue moon, as travel writer Christopher Elliott reported. He recently wrote about a compassionate United employee who not only waived the fee but didn't even request proof of emergency. If you think such kindness is a once-in-a-blue moon event, this actually happened twice and the second airline employee even sent a sympathy card.

8. Stolen Laptop and Freedom

Passengers on Southwest's scary nose-first landing at LaGuardia in July had to exit the plane without their luggage and when website creator and blogger Nick Bradbury's family was finally reunited with their bags, Bradbury's MacBook was missing. The good news was, Southwest quickly sent off a reimbursement check (along with other freebies) but Bradbury describes the best news: "In the end we had a fantastic week in New York together, which ironically is due in part to my not having a laptop to distract me." I know exactly how he feels.

9. Tweeting for Laughs

Got a kick out of a recent Delta tweet channeling the one and only Sir Mix-A-Lot. It included a picture of a Boeing plane -- featuring the "rear" of the aircraft -- with the description, "Baby got back! We like big jets and we cannot lie, this 737 is ready to fly."

Not all airlines have the same sense of humor, though. The parody Twitter account mentioned at the start of this column? It has been suspended.

The opinions expressed by Rick Seaney are his alone and not those of ABC News.

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