Could This Be the World's Strangest Museum?

Set in Amsterdam's red-light district, this museum is not for the faint-hearted. The Torture Museum lives up to its name with dark lighting and an entrance that sees visitors begin their experience by journeying down a dark corridor. The exhibit includes a historical tour of various torture methods, primarily focusing on those from medieval times. Devices on display include the inquisition chair, the skull cracker, the heretic fork, various hanging cages and masks, and, of course, the guillotine.

7. The Lunchbox Museum

Columbus, Georgia

Recognized by the Smithsonian Institution, the Lunchbox Museum claims to be home to the largest collection of lunchboxes in the world. The exhibit itself is relatively new, the museum's owner only began collecting four years ago. However, the collection has grown at a speedy pace and now includes over 1,000 lunchboxes and associated memorabilia including coolers and thermoses. A tour of the museum provides an interesting account of the history of the trusty lunchbox from their original tin models to the contemporary plastic kind.

8. Paris Sewers Museum

Paris, France

Aptly set underground beneath the streets of Paris, this museum displays the long history of public sanitation since Paris first sewer system in the 13th Century. Running parallel to the Seine River visitors are able to see one of the old main sewage lines servicing the city and the main exhibit includes sewer-maintenance equipment, clothing worn by sewer works and cleaning devices. Visitors should also be sure to visit the built-in theater the restrooms are indeed connected to the current sewer system.

9. The Hair Museum

Avanos, Turkey

The Hair Museum is home to a collection of hair specimens from over 16,000 different donors. Displaying the collection of famous Turkish potter Galip Korukcu, the museum adds to its unique experience by being housed in a cave. Korukcu is now in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest collection of hair, and visitors to the museum are apparently given the option to add to the collection by donating their own locks. The museum originally opened in 1979 and has become an international phenomenon.

10. British Lawnmower Museum

Southport, Lancashire, England

Since its opening, the British Lawnmower Museum has attracted widespread interest from across the globe. The museum's on-site workshops work to repair and restore vintage lawnmowers and the museum's collection includes not only the actual machines but also various types of memorabilia including patents and blueprints from as far back as the 18th Century. The lawnmowers themselves include classic models used in landscaping but also a host of machines that are more famous for having participated in lawnmower races. Don't miss the largest collection of Toy lawnmowers in the World. The museum offers a free audio tour.

11. The Beijing Museum of Tap-Water

Beijing, China

The Beijing Museum of Tap-Water was built on the site of the first water plant in Beijing. The museum offers visitors a tour of the 90-year history of tap water in Beijing. The exhibit itself is divided into three exhibits designed to illustrate the various stages of development of tap water. The museum houses a collection of almost 300 objects, pictures and models.

12. The Mustard Museum

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

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