Can a Religious Person Accept Other Faiths?

The drive to proselytize crosses that line between the political and the religious. It parallels the ideals of a democracy, whereby the right to have different views does not exclude the idea of dialogue -- specifically dialogue with the attempt to convince the other of your view.

But it's difficult to engage in dialogue when it is about something as important as what will happen to a person's soul for all eternity without abandoning respect for the other.

Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization with more than 30 million people across the United States, admitted that some evangelists come across bombastically. But he said there is another way to approach evangelism.

"Some Christians say, 'I have it right, everybody else has it wrong, so they are all infidels,' " he said. "Other Christians will say, 'I have it right, everybody else has it wrong and I will do my best to be a blessing for them.' "

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