Enter to Win! More Americans Participate in Sweepstakes Clubs


Wilman says she has won a quarter of a million dollars worth of prizes over the years, but that sweepstakes clubs and conventions aren't about money.

"It is amazing, I've made lifelong friends ... there's so much positive energy. People are all happy when you win something," she said.

And extra happy when they win something big. Members of the Chesapeake Crabs Sweepstakes Club have won trips to Las Vegas and Hawaii, a motorcycle, a Corvette, a Chevy Cobalt, $10,000 in cash and a $15,000 shopping spree.

Big wins like that are a combination of luck, persistence and strategy.

Winning Tips

If you know you're entering a blind drawing, they say it's a good idea to crinkle or fold your entry slip so that it has some surface area that fingers naturally grab hold of.

The strategy is different if it's in a non-blind drawing where judges will see the entries. Contest rules vary and sometimes the people picking can see all the entries. In that case, the pros try to use colorful or even textured envelopes that catch people's attention.

Web Extra Tips

Want to join a sweepstakes club? Here are some lists of where they are and when they meet:

Contest Queen. Click HERE to visit the website.

Sweepstakes Supplies. Click HERE for the website.

Check out our March 9, 2011, report for the greatest secrets of sweepstakers and learn how you can win big.

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