Crime Blotter: Man in Diaper Arrested

A New Jersey man seeking employment fails to impress his prospective employers — and police — with his attire; a woman botches her theft but maintains an updated checkbook; and sneakers bust an alleged burglar. It's another week, and another edition of the Crime Blotter.

Dress to Unimpress

P E Q U A N N O C K, N.J. — Unless you're a baby, showing up in a diaper is no way to make a good first impression. Just ask one New Jersey man.

William Rhode III, 53, of Paterson, was wearing a diaper over pink stretch pants and nothing else when he came to the Holy Spirit School in Pequannock and sought a job application, police said.

When school officials refused to give Rhode an application, he defecated in his diaper and fled, police said.

Police arrested Rhode shortly afterward at a nearby local supermarket. Rhode faces child endangerment charges and is being held at the Morris County jail on $75,000 bail. A judge has ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

It's not clear what kind of job he was hoping to get at the Catholic school.

The Perfect Checkbook

M O U N T C A R M E L, Tenn. — A Tennessee woman may not have been able to pull off a perfect crime, but she sure could balance a checkbook.

Police said Debra Janan Goins went on a shopping spree by forging checks from a pocketbook she had stolen — and recorded all her transactions in the checkbook register.

According to authorities, Goins, 39, admitted stealing the purse from an unoccupied car parked at an elementary school while the purse's owner was picking up her child.

Goins, police said, spent more than $1,000 to buy blankets, pillows, children's toys, children's prescription medicine and two cell phones. Store clerks never asked for her identification, police said.

She was arrested when a police officer stopped her car and found the stolen purse along with several department store shopping bags. She was charged with felony theft, burglary and drug charges for pills she had in her possession at the time of her arrest, police said.

Caught Red-Footed

N E W A R K, Del. — A Delaware man faces burglary charges after being caught wearing sneakers he allegedly stole.

On Feb. 24, New Castle County police said, a burglary victim reported seeing a man riding a bicycle in his neighborhood — and wearing his stolen sneakers. Police tracked the bicycle down to a nearby home and found Leroy McKenzie, who was wearing the sneakers in question.

MccKenzie, 20, faces burglary, theft and mischief charges. Authorities said they have linked McKenzie to two other break-ins in the neighborhood — a Christmastime burglary and the theft of a woman's videotapes and underwear at another home last week.