Crime Blotter: Burglar Bottoms Out

Another is young men wearing shiny, gold thong underwear.

At about 7 p.m. on May 20, Machowski was videotaping his classmate roller-skating near the Riverbend Golf Course for a class video project on the pros and cons of steroid use. So that video watchers would be sure to notice him, Roulston was dressed in a skimpy outfit.

Roulston's costume — or lack of one — certainly caught the notice on an unidentified golfer near the course's third hole, police said.

The golfer allegedly put down his beer, began yelling anti-gay slurs and then chased the pair with a 9-iron. The irate duffer caught Machowski, pushed him to the ground and then destroyed the student's $500 video camera with the golf club, according to the police report.

Machowski, who suffered scrapes from the encounter, admitted to the King County Journal that the teen's actions were inspired by Jackass, a discontinued MTV network reality TV show known for its ridiculous — and sometimes dangerous — stunts.

The pair had hoped to use the outlandish images in their project to entice classmates to pay attention to the video's more serious subject matter on debating steroids.

Kent city police officers are still investigating the incident and have confiscated the students' videotape. A decision has yet to be made whether to arrest the golfer.

"The officer did contact the golfer," said Officer Paul Petersen, a spokesman for the Kent police. "He was not physically arrested. We are investigating this as a case of assault and vandalism, against the golfer."

And while the police do have the tape, "The cassette is broken, so we're attempting to find out from our local video experts to see how we can view the tape," Petersen said.

If they find that the tape corroborates the teens' account, "The city will press charge against the offender for whatever crimes are committed," he said.

There are no charges pending against the teens who filed the complaint.

Crime Blotter, a weekly feature of, is compiled by Oliver Libaw.

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