Candidly Culkin

"I think he's really sheltered himself. I could have gone that route. I could have just shut myself off, and bought some piece of land upstate, and just kind of lived in my own world. But I didn't. I made a real clear choice when I was 14 years old to live, to have life experience," he said.

Culkin says people "don't really understand" his relationship with Jackson. "People think that we're super-close. We have a connection, but at the same time, we talk like once a year, twice a year," he said.

Culkin testified at the pop star's child molestation trial several months ago. He said that he and Jackson never had an inappropriate relationship. He also says he believes it's unlikely that Jackson had any inappropriate relationships with boys who stayed at his home.

"I mean you never know anything with, without 100 percent certainty, but at the same time my opinion is if he didn't do anything to me, I don't think he would have done anything to anyone else," Culkin said.

Culkin also spoke about another much-analyzed relationship in his life: his relationship with his father, Kit Culkin. The two haven't spoken for 11 years, and Culkin still has bitter memories of his father.

"He would do these horrible, terrible things sometimes. And then I would bring it up to him later. … And he would say, 'It never happened.' That was the thing that hurt me the most, was that he really felt like he was a really good person who never did bad things. And that's just simply not true," he said.

There is a relationship in Culkin's life that's making him happy. He's dating Mila Kunis, one of the stars of television's "That 70s Show." Culkin, already once married and divorced, said there's no talk of marriage yet. "We have a really good thing going right now. … Why change it in any way?"

Culkin said he didn't focus too much on his difficult childhood, but he acknowledged it had left its marks on him.

"I'm still not very comfortable in a group of people, or at least a group of strangers, but at the same time, I don't feel like I'm a broken person or that I'm shattered, because of my childhood. … I've lived in my own world for so long, and I still enjoy doing it."

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