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Former Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai, who surrendered to U.S. forces on Friday, had quarreled with Saddam Hussein as American troops prepared to invade Iraq last spring. However, Saddam rejected military plans to defend Baghdad in the belief that a political solution remained possible. (Washington Times)

Blow to Blair as majority say war not justified Tony Blair has decisively lost the debate over Iraq with a clear majority of voters now saying that the war was unjustified, according to the results of this month's Guardian/ICM poll published today. (The Guardian),3605,1047817,00.html

British Defense Secretary knew WMD press reports were wrong Defence secretary Geoff Hoon yesterday admitted he did nothing to correct newspaper reports that Iraq could launch its weapons of mass destruction over long distances against British troops, though he knew the stories were wrong. (The Guardian),3605,1047775,00.html

Editorial: An Iraqi rescue rope Washington could accuse 'regional' terrorism or Al Qaeda, or even the Baathists, of having attacked Aqila Al-Hashemi, a member of the Iraqi ruling council. But no matter who carried out the attack yesterday, the result is the same: the rescue rope is not in the hands of the Americans, and Iraq is still as far from stability as the U.S. is from Baghdad, Tikrit or Basra. (Al Hayat)

Suicide attacker who struck at UN carried two bombs The bomber seemed prepared to die in any of several ways here this morning. In the trunk of his car, was one bomb. Around his waist, in the form of an explosive belt, was another. (NY Times)

Plenty of clues in Iraqi crimes, but few trails (NY Times) Syria hints it could send peacekeepers to Iraq Syria has hinted it could send troops to help restore security in Iraq, but only if Washington sets a timetable for pulling out its forces and handing over the reconstruction of Iraq to the United Nations. (Reuters)

Editorial: Troops in Iraq: more isn't better The proponents of sending more soldiers to Iraq have not explained just how it will fix the problems on the ground. The answer is, it won't. (NY Times)

Opinion: Don't Send Turkish Troops to Iraq

Council on Foreign Relations' David Phillips writes on concerns over sending Turkish troops to Iraq. (CS Monitor)

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