The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

The 21 leaders of the Pacific Rim nations closed their annual trade summit yesterday with a declaration to support the US war on terror and "eliminate the severe danger posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction." (The Guardian),3604,1068013,00.html


US will hand over Hambali

The United States will "eventually" hand over top terror suspect Hambali to Indonesia for trial, Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda said on Wednesday. (AFP),,2-10-1462_1434021,00.html



Swedish police arrest terrorist suspect

Swedish police have arrested a man investigated in an alleged conspiracy to open a terrorist training camp in the United States in 1999, officials said Wednesday. (AP)


France to stage simulated gas attack on Paris subway

While France's current threat remains at a low level, officials continue to remain on guard. Last December, French authorities dismantled what they said was a terror cell with ties to Chechen rebels and al-Qaeda that planned bomb or toxic gas attacks in France and Russia. (AP)

The War in Iraq

Plans to arrest maverick Iraqi cleric for murder

Coalition and Iraqi officials are preparing an arrest warrant for the firebrand Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr over his alleged involvement with the brutal murder of a rival cleric last spring, sources close to the Iraqi governing council told the Guardian yesterday. (The Guardian),3604,1068114,00.html

32 followers of defiant cleric are arrested in raid in Karbala

American troops helping the Iraqi police during a raid on a mosque in Karbala on Tuesday morning arrested 32 supporters of a fundamentalist Shiite cleric who has openly defied the United States. (NY Times)

Anti-US cleric harangues, but Iraq's Shiites heed four Ayatollahs

When a young and radical Shiite cleric discussed plans here last week to set up his own government of Iraq, he challenged more than the American-led occupation. The cleric, Moktada al-Sadr, threatened the authority of the four grand Shiite ayatollahs who hold sway in this holy city and who until now have counseled the 15 million Iraqi Shiites to remain patient with foreign troops. (NY Times)

Arms cache found in Iraq

Coalition forces and Iraqi police discovered a huge arms cache allegedly belonging to al-Qaeda. (UPI)

White House threatens a veto of its own spending bill for Iraq

The White House threatened Tuesday to veto its own spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan if Congress made reconstruction aid a loan, taking its most forceful stand on the issue even as more lawmakers supported a reimbursement by Iraq. (NY Times)

Halliburton's Iraq-fuel costs are criticized

Halliburton Co. unit KBR is paying much more than local buyers to bring fuel into Iraq, congressional Democrats charged, ratcheting up their criticism of the company's no-bid contract to restore Iraq's oil industry. (Dow Jones Wire)

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