Tanishq Abraham, 9, Working Toward College Degree in California


Tanishq's passion for learning accounts for his various interests. His favorite subjects in school are science and history, but he has recently become interested in nutrition and politics.

He has been following both President Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaigns for the 2012 elections, and he loves to keep his family updated.

He is also being featured on PRODIGIES, on the new YouTube channel THNKR - produced by @radical.media.

When he grows up, Tanishq wants to be a doctor, scientist and president of the United States. He hopes Obama will give him advice for his future presidential career.

Tanishq's 6-year-old sister, Tiara, has also been inducted into Mensa. She's three or four years ahead of her peers and will skip from kindergarten to second grade, like her brother did. Her passions include literature, art, science and caring for animals.

It is unclear whether or not Tiara will continue the same educational path as her brother.

"From my experience, we just think that the public school system is really not capable of handling children like Tanishq," his mother said. "They have programs for all kinds of learning disabilities, but when it comes to children who are more advanced, there are no programs to support them."

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