Florida Students Witnessed the Moment Bush Learned of 9/11 Terror Attacks


Reflecting on 9/11: Valuable Lessons

Daniels also had to teach them some unexpected lessons. "I had to teach them really early about terrorists and about mean people in the world. So I would tell them choose good over evil. Do right when it's in your hand and in your power to do so."

Those lessons and that infamous day have left a lasting impact on the students. "It opened my eyes really fast," Guerrero said. "I wanted to know what was going on and so I guess it kind of matured all of us a little bit faster."

Although he felt proud to be in the classroom that day, Lazaro Dubrocq also felt sad. "You feel sorrow for the thousands of families who were destroyed that day," he said.

Now a decade later, the teacher and students from that second grade classroom continue to share a special bond from being together on 9/11 in such a public way.

"What happened to us made us part of history," Daniels said. "And no matter where they go in life they will always be my babies."

And it's also an experience they shared with the president of the United States, as he wrote in a letter to former student Natalia Jones-Pinkney.

"You and I will never forget Sept. 11, '01," the president wrote. "But remember out of the evil done to America will come good."

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