Kid-Possible! Entrepreneurs Making a Difference


"I started the Children's Bilingual Theater when I realized just how much I had benefited from my experiences in community theater. I saw that standing up in front of people to talk got better with practice and that learning a script was like learning a new language and that too got better with practice," says Jordan.

"I am most proud of being able to include people that have never done theater before and watch them learn and grow."

Helping Teens Through Theater

John Muller founded his own theater group Washington, D.C. DreamCity Theater Group began two years ago when Muller was 20. The Group is an entirely youth-led nonprofit theater company that has engaged more than 7,000 people throughout the District of Columbia.

Supported by Youth Venture, all performances by the Theater Group are free. Talking about Youth Venture, John says, "When I first met YV, I was at a community college. Now I am on the verge of graduating from George Washington University with honors."

Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Sheena Lindahl and Michael Simmons from New York began Extreme Entrepreneurship Education four years ago, when they were 20 and 21 years old.

EEE, as the organization is known, helps college students pursue their dreams by fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set. EEE has reached more than 10,000 young people through events and speaking engagements, and each month more than 25,000 people visit its Web site to download free educational and inspirational content.

Sheena may have described the efforts of all the contestants when she said, "I believe that everybody has something unique that they can contribute to the world. We all have these grand, unique visions of what we can accomplish in our lives to change the world. Yet so few of us follow them. I believe that if we can get a few more people doing a little bit more toward their dreams, we will be making a long, lasting positive difference in the world -- with far greater impact than I could ever have alone trying to make a difference."

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