Black Market Babies Seeking Answers Through Facebook


When they returned to New York, they went to court to sign the necessary paperwork for the adoption.

"We were escorted into a room...and they were all Fenichel babies, 10 families with little babies. The babies were all the same age and they all looked exactly like my son, blonde and blue-eyed. I thought it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen," she said. "My God, any of these little babies could have been given to me."

Two years later, Kaufman got a phone call and instantly recognized the person calling.

"I knew who it was immediately and I hadn't spoken to him or heard his voice in two years," she said.

It was Fenichel asking if the couple wanted another baby.

"I was shocked. I didn't know they came to you. I thought you had to go to them when you want one...I said this is too good to turn down, maybe it was meant to be," she said.

Kaufman and her husband agreed to pay Fenichel and the adoption agency $10,000 for a baby girl that they named Beni.

"I didn't think baby mill. I just knew it was weird and then who cares, I was so happy. I got the baby," she said.

Kaufman and her husband picked up the baby in the parking lot of a hospital in Utica, N.Y. While the couple waited in their car with their attorney, two attorneys who were associates of Fenichel came out of the hospital door with a woman.

"The woman was holding the baby and she handed the baby to my lawyer...I didn't see her face, but I saw that she was petite with blonde hair. She got into a cab with no family and I found that very sad because there was no one there for her," Kaufman said.

Happy to have a daughter, Kaufman thought nothing more about it. Kaufman even referred Fenichel to a friend who was looking to adopt a child.

Scott Tovin is the adopted son of the couple Kaufman referred to Fenichel.

"My dad had to run into the hospital to grab me and run back into the car," Scott Tovin said.

Tovin's birth mother was moved to Pennsylvania by her family for the last six months of her pregnancy, he said.

"I have a feeling that I might have been born at one of those houses and brought down to the hospital for my parents to pick up," he said.

Adoptees Face Uphill Battle to Unseal Birth Certificates

Tovin is still searching for his biological mom but is lucky in that his family knows her name.

"My [birth] mother was 15 years old. Her name is Rhonda Moore. They had none of my father's information at all. They think he was a mechanic," Tovin said.

Fenichel sometimes encouraged birth mothers to leave out the names of the babies' fathers on birth certificates which has made it difficult for Tovin and other adoptees to find their birth families.

Tovin now lives in Florida and is searching for his birth family so that he can pass down his medical history to his two sons. His 6-year-old son is autistic.

Tovin joined Seymour Fenichel Adoptees after reconnecting with childhood friend Beni Cunningham, Lois Kaufman's daughter.

Bernstein's group has already led to one reunion between Lori Appleton, the Jacksonville, Fla., teen who gave her baby up for adoption in 1985, and the woman she thinks is her daughter. Appleton's other daughter, Amanda Overdorf, saw a posting on the group's wall by a woman whose description of her birth mom seemed to match Appleton.

"I was in shock…I see a lot of resemblance…We still have to do DNA testing to get it finalized," Appleton said. "After finding out about the baby-selling, I thought I'd never find her."

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