Amanda Knox Family Still Battling Rumors and News Stories


Amanda Knox Still Battling Newspaper Stories

"Second to dealing with Amanda being falsely accused and imprisoned, has been dealing with the false reporting," Edda Mellas told ABC News. "I believe it was part of why she was convicted in the first place."

Knox's family gave countless interviews since their daughter's arrest in 2007 and up to her acquittal to defend their daughter. Since Knox's release, news reports have criticized the family as having a "multi-million dollar PR campaign" to free her.

"What we really have done is a bargain basement attempt at responding to media requests and doing so only to try and clear up the false reporting that is out there," Mellas said.

Knox's stepfather, Chris Mellas, added, "[Tabloid reporters] would misrepresent how court would play out and lie about the family. At first you get really angry, but when it happens enough times, you are faced with either accepting it out of self preservation or going nuts."

"How many articles printed stories that said Amanda was the murderer? All false, and we had to tolerate it because at that point we had no simple recourse. The case was difficult to prove because Amanda had been incorrectly labeled as guilty. Fortunately we no longer have to tolerate it," he said.

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