Amanda Knox 'Satisfied' With Italian Court Ruling


Amanda Knox Court Trashes Prosecution Case

In the report the judges show they are in agreement with Knox's defense, stating that due to the "obsessive duration of the interrogations" it is "totally comprehensible that she would find herself in a situation of great psychological pressure -- which to call it stress would reduce it -- which makes one doubt the actual spontaneity of the declaration."

Knox's statement is evidence of her "great confusion, and not being able to remember what is being asked of her," the court wrote.

"If Amanda Knox had found herself in the house... at the time of the murder, her easiest way of defending herself was to give the real name of the murderer, who was present in the house, because this would have made her credible, rather than give a name of someone who was totally extraneous," the court wrote.

Nevertheless, the court upheld Knox's conviction for slandering Lumumba.

During the first trial and during the appeal, prosecutors highlighted Knox's at times odd behavior, like doing cartwheels in the police station and snuggling with Sollecito while waiting to be grilled by investigators. They were indications of the Knox's icy personality and lack of remorse for Kercher's death.

The judges dismissed those actions as nothing more than "simply tenderness between lovers."

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