Baby Lisa Irwin: $100,000 Reward Offered


Baby Lisa Case Attracts $100,000 Reward

Stanton spent time with Bradley and Irwin Thursday at their home and has become somewhat of an unofficial spokesman for the family. He has said he will give information to investigators, but they do not give him information.

"Anthing that I get goes directly to the Kansas City Police Department," Stanton said. "I'm not here to compete with KCPD. I'm here to compliment them. They've given me my boundaries and I will respect those boundaries."

"Clearly, if anybody has all day long to help out, then that's fantastic," Young said. "If he should develop information and he could pass it on to us, why wouldn't we accept it?"

Young emphasized that Stanton is not an official part of the investigation. "He's not law enforcement, he's not privy to investigative files," Young said.

The blonde-haired and blue-eyed baby was last seen by her mother on Oct. 3 when Bradley said she put her daughter in her crib around 10:30 p.m. When Irwin arrived home from his first overnight shift as an electrician, he said he found his home in disarray and his daughter's crib empty.

He has told police the door was unlocked, a window was busted and the lights were on in the house. The couple said they immediately called 911 and reported their daughter missing.

Eleven days of searching and dead ends have turned up no suspects and no hard leads.

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