Baby Wanted: Desperate Couples Advertise for Children on Craigslist


But after spending so much time, energy and money, they said nothing seemed to work. So they decided to try something different and turned to Craigslist. Tracey said she would start every morning by having a cup of coffee and placing her ad online. After about six weeks, she said she got a call on a June day, her birthday, from Tammy Nelson. She was looking for a way out.

"When I Googled it, I put adoption in Phoenix and the first was a Craigslist for Dan and Tracey, it was literally that quick," Nelson said. "I said, 'Hi, I'm pregnant, and I need help and this is the situation, what do you think?' And she said, 'I'm really happy you called us.' It was perfect."

Nelson said she was stuck in a nightmare, financially dependent on her husband, who she says was physically abusive, and already raising her son, Ryder.

"I remember one time feeding my son the dust out of the Rice Krispies box," she said. "It was the last bowl of cereal we had and I didn't know where our next meal was going to come from. I was literally living out of a chicken coop that was converted to an apartment, a house. Those were the kinds of living situations his father had put us in."

But her nightmare became worse when Nelson said her husband forced her to become pregnant again.

"You hate yourself a lot for it because you feel like you should have a connection with something that's naturally inside you and that motherly instinct should just kick in and that you would want to be with your kid," Nelson said. "I felt guilty that I never had that connection."

For Nelson, abortion wasn't an option. She felt that giving the child up for adoption was the right thing to do.

Now two years have passed since Ben was born, and Nelson has started rebuilding her life. She has a new fiance, Patrick. She has been watching Ben grow up through the Citrons' Facebook updates.

"It is hard seeing Ben be able to do stuff that I was never able to afford for my first son, like gymnastics," Nelson said. "I think every parent wants the best they can do for their kid. I'm happy Ben has that, but it also kind of shows my inadequacies with my own son."

Nelson has had little direct contact, seeing Ben only one in person since he was born. "Nightline" helped the family reunite briefly. But the awkwardness pales in comparison to the overwhelming feeling Tracey Citron and Nelson share: gratitude. Nelson said her hopes for Ben have been fulfilled.

"Just that he has a family that loves him and he has all the opportunities in his life," Nelson said, then turning to the Citrons, "you guys have already done that"

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