How Well Do You Know Your BFF?


Lisette has petitioned the court to reduce or vacate her sentence, and in a statement to ABC said Cady was a calculating liar "who knew exactly what was going on." The full statement to ABC News follows this article.

Lisette Lee Statement:

I've chosen not to participate in tonight's ABC 20/20 segment, but I thank ABC News for the opportunity to briefly respond.

The truth is very simple and straightforward. Viewers should judge for themselves whether the story Cady is selling is true or not. And I mean "selling" literally. Meili's latest reinvention is just one more attempt [to] sell herself to do anything to make it in Hollywood: tell-all book deals, movie deals and The Ricki Lake Show.

I ask the simple question: Why — if, according to Meili, I was such a "master manipulator" and "sociopath" — would she hang around me for four years? Four Years? Most normal people would have high-tailed it out of a relationship like that if someone were really that cruel or manipulative. Of course, that's not the truth.

Meili Cady knows full well the dynamic of our relationship. She was always getting into trouble; usually financial, but other times, some huge mess she created for herself as she was hiding the truth about her real life (and problems) in Hollywood from her family. Over the course of our friendship, I treated her as I would a younger sister. Like any relationship, it wasn't always perfect, but it served us both. So for her to portray me as anything less is a complete farce. I viewed Meili as a simple small town girl who was dying to be sophisticated. Above all else, she wanted to make it in Hollywood at ANY cost . . . the evidence of that was how she got her SAG card: by performing oral sex with a famous actor on-screen. Hardly the reinvented Meili we see today. For Meili to recant exactly how we REALLY were would not serve her new acting role as a professional victim, replete with portraying me in a negative light so she can create her place in the spotlight she has created for herself.

When the dust settled, I come to see that the seemingly "naive, innocent" girl from the small town world of Bremerton, WA, was running circles around me the entire time, and is gleefully tying her final noose knot as she attempts to profit from our case, my background and family name. A true Eve Harrington if there ever was one. I am a firm believer that the ultimate truth tends to eventually surface, no matter how long it takes, or in what form. That will occur very soon, where I will properly clarify the sequence of events that leads up to this present day debacle as well as to correct the distortion of my image in the media.

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