Manhunt for Boston Bombing Suspect Ended When He Meekly Lifted His Shirt


"It was a long period. There was probably a 10, 15 minute period where they are trying to get [Tsarnaev] to pay attention. So negotiations went on. There was no conversation back and forth. At the end they were just making demands of him: Show your hands, lift your shirt. And eventually that's what he did," Deveau said   "He was very slow and lethargic in every move that he made and they could see that there was no device on his chest. They kept creeping closer to him and then they felt it safe enough to pull him away from the boat," he said.

"The concern was what was in that boat. Was there more explosive devices? Was there more firearms in that boat? So, we needed to get him away from that to make it safe," Deveau added.

Devaue believes the wound to Tsarnaev's throat occurred while he was in the boat, but he can't be certain at this point.

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