Cops Say Firewood Chore May Have Prompted Boy to Murder Mom


Tony Miller said his sister had recently separated from her husband, Mike McVay. Prior to the separation she had argued with her husband over the guns in the boy's room, but the father allowed them to stay.

Holmes County is an agricultural area and home to the world's largest concentration of Amish. It is a region where many young boys hunt as soon as they are able to hold a gun. But it is illegal to hunt under the age of 16 without supervision and unusual that a young boy would have weapons in his bedroom.

"The fact that they were in his room, I don't believe is the norm here," Fritz said. "Logic would tell you they should have been secured somewhere else. Why they were not, I can't tell you."

Authorities are awaiting the results of the autopsy which was completed Monday. They are also awaiting the results of a blood test to determine whether drugs or alcohol were present in the boy's body during the time of the murder.

For now, the boy is currently at the juvenile detention facility in Richland County.

A fund has been created for the funeral expenses of Deborah McVay at PNC Banks across the country. You can visit any PNC branch for further details.

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