Cameras in the Classroom a Crusade for Parents of Special-Needs Kids


Gelser said she understands the frustrations of families, but can see why schools might be reluctant to undergo the constant supervision.

"I worry about issues of privacy in terms of filming people. Many of us don't like the idea of being filmed," she said. "I understand why people are raising the issue. These families are desperate and there are very few choices that are left to them."

Her National Council on Disability is the independent federal agency that recommends disability policy to the president, Congress and all other federal agencies.

Whether cameras in classrooms will be a solution parents and educators agree on, it is clear to all parties involved that something must be done to protect special-needs children.

"We shouldn't be putting the onus on the parents to become Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew to figure out what's going on during the school day," Gelser said. "No one should have to protect their child from school."

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