Casey Anthony Jailhouse Tapes: She Threatens to Hang Up on Parents When They Ask About Caylee


Prosecution Submits Evidence From Casey Anthony's Pontiac Sunfire Car

Of particular focus this afternoon was Casey Anthony's white Pontiac Sunfire, the car she abandoned and that has tested positive for human decomposition and chloroform.

Gerardo Bloise, the crime scene investigator who pulled evidence from the car, said that it smelled like human decomposition.

"When I opened the driver's side, I immediately smelled the odor of decomposition coming from inside the car," Bloise testified.

"On my 23 years experience…yes I can determine professionally speaking, it was the smell of human decomposition," Bloise told jurors.

Several items from Anthony's car were submitted into evidence including the spare tire cover and liner. A stain was found where the spare tire cover was, but it did not test positive for blood, Bloise said.

Casey Anthony's defense team tried to discredit the investigator's analysis, saying their own independent investigation found more hair in the car and that Bloise's supervisor approved the report six months after it was written.

The car was picked up from a tow yard by George and Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. It's potent smell and the fact that their daughter, Casey Anthony, had abandoned it prompted them to track their daughter down.

When they realized Caylee was missing, Cindy Anthony made three tearful calls to 911, saying that her daughter's car smelled like there had been a dead body in it and that Caylee was missing.

Casey Anthony told her family that the car had run out of gas and the gas gauge wasn't working.

Bloise said that the gas gauge appeared to be working properly from his investigation.

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