Casey Anthony Trial: Frustrated Cops Called Her 'Cold Blooded... Monster'


Casey Anthony Sticks to Lie in Jailhouse Conversations With Parents, Brother

The prosecution played videotapes of Casey Anthony this afternoon after she was arrested July 16, 2008. The hours of tapes show Casey Anthony in recorded conversations with her family members while they're visiting her at jail.

Casey Anthony wept as hours of jailhouse conversations with her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, and brother, Lee Anthony, were played during the afternoon. The calls reveal a desperate family asking Casey Anthony questions that will help in the search for missing Caylee. Anthony stuck to her lie that a nanny took the 2-year-old toddler and even attempted to throw former friends under the bus as possible suspects.

Casey Anthony tolds her family that she hadn't been watching the news and was unaware of the extent of their efforts to find Caylee. While Casey Anthony sat in protective custody, an all out manhunt was underway to find Caylee and the nanny whom Casey Anthony claimed took her. A reward of $225,000 was offered and the family was handing out fliers and posting billboards.

In a conversation from July 25, 2008, Casey Anthony went from tears and told her parents that she loved them to the combative attitude of a teenager.

When her mom told her that Caylee would be on the cover of People Magazine and asked Casey Anthony whether they'll ever be able to find the missing little girl, she responded, "I hope we do, Mom."

When Casey Anthony was told how high the reward to find Caylee was, Casey Anthony responded, "That's almost half my bond."

She talked about the jail's "crappy food" and that she only got to take a shower every few days.

Cindy Anthony implored her daughter to look into her eyes through the glass barrier.

"Look straight up so I can look straight into your eyes…It's OK to cry love … we've all been crying," Cindy Anthony said.

Casey Anthony appeared the most emotional in court when she watched her father in the taped conversation.

George Anthony greeted his daughter, saying, "Hey gorgeous, how you doing?"

Casey Anthony responded, "I look like hell."

"I want to take your pain away from you … you can tell me anything … I miss you sweetie … I wish I could have been a better dad and better grandpa," George Anthony said.

Casey Anthony teared up, saying, "You and mom have been the best grandparents. … Caylee has been so lucky. Caylee is so lucky to have both of you."

George Anthony, a former police officer, kept asking his daughter, "What can I do."

Casey Anthony built on her lie, detailing the nanny's car and telling her family to keep the search local.

Casey Anthony began to get combative in the taped conversation when her mother began probing about her odd behavior during the month only she knew Caylee was missing.

"I have a question for you … how come you never had a chance to get the car? It doesn't make sense," Cindy Anthony said.

Cindy Anthony was referring to Casey Anthony's abandoned Pontiac Sunfire that tested positive for human decomposition and chloroform. When her parents picked it up from the tow yard July 15, 2008, it prompted them to find Casey Anthony and call 911 to report Caylee's disappearance.

Casey Anthony claimed in the taped conversation that she was protecting her family and that she couldn't speak about why she didn't pick up the car because the conversation is being recorded.

"My gut's telling me that she's OK. … She's not far. … I know in my heart, she's not far. I can feel it," Casey Anthony said of Caylee's whereabouts.

Caylee's remains wouldn't be found until December of 2008. They were wrapped in a Winnie the pooh blanket and stuffed in plastic bags in a wooded area near the Anthony family home.

Defense Attorney Jose Baez called for a mistrial saying that the jailhouse conversations discredited Casey Anthony's legal counsel. One tape between Lee and Casey Anthony made disparaging remarks about Baez.

Judge Belvin Perry denied the motion for a mistrial.

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