Casey Anthony Trial: Not Guilty Murder Verdict


The defense argued that Caylee drowned in the family pool and her body was found by George Anthony, who then helped dispose of Caylee's body. The lawyer contended that George Anthony used his experience as a former police detective to deflect any suspicion away from himself and on to his daughter.

An alleged mistress of George Anthony testified that he described Caylee's disappeareance as an "accident that snowballed out of control." George Anthony denied having an affair with the woman.

A raw George Anthony sobbed about attempting to take his own life in January 2009, weeks after Caylee's remains were discovered. The prosecution attempted to show that it proved George Anthony had nothing to do with his granddaugther's death. The defense used it as proof of the extent of George Anthony's selfishness.

Baez also attempted to inject doubt into the reliability of the evidence on Caylee's body by accusing meter reader Roy Kronk, who found it, of being a "morally bankrupt" person who moved the body and placed it near the Anthony home so he could collect the reward.

When Kronk testified, he told the court he called police several times about what he saw before they succeeded in finding Caylee's skeletal remains.

The testimony wasn't the only thing to shock the courtroom. Verbal sparring between Baez and prosecutor Ashton led to threats by Judge Perry of expulsion from the court and lengthy sidebars.

ABC News' Lauren Pearle and Erin Keohane contributed to this report.

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