Casey Anthony Jury 'Not Interested' In Speaking to Media


Juror #4 Court watchers were surprised when this potential defense-leaning juror made the panel. She is deeply religious and told the court, "I don't like to judge people" and "I just don't like to point my finger at anyone." She said she "thinks" she can impose the death penalty. A black woman in her 40's, she has no children and lives alone. She wrote occasional notes early on, but her note-taking pace seems to have increased as the trial nears its conclusion. Her face betrays nothing of her reaction to the case so far.

Juror #5 With her long grey hair, glasses and a generally stern look about her, this 57-year old white woman constantly looks across the room in the direction of Casey Anthony and her lawyers. A retired nurse's aide, she has three children and is the only juror with a criminal record (a 1998 DUI arrest). Her stance on the death penalty is measured: "I guess I believe in the death penalty? I'd have to know a lot of facts before I really considered it."

Juror #6 The 33-year-old restaurant equipment salesman is married with two children (ages 6 and 21 months). He earned a business degree from the University of Florida and is an avid chef who has twice cooked on television. In voir dire, he said the understood Casey Anthony's defense has no need to prove anything, and wouldn't hold it against her if she didn't testify. He also said he'd have no trouble imposing a death sentence. "If the law dictated it, I would be able to follow it," he said. In court, he looks relaxed and attentive, although he rarely takes a note these days.

Juror #7 Professing "just some, not a lot" of knowledge of the case, the 41-year-old white female divorcee said she would be able to send Casey Anthony to death if the facts warranted. "It would be, gosh, a solemn decision," she said. She is a victim of crime herself, having suffered a home invasion by a knife-wielding intruder, but was not injured. The intruder was later arrested and pleaded guilty. Her father was an attorney. She sits up straight in her jury seat, facing the witness box ? and never seems to look out at the gallery.

Juror #8 The daughter of a New Jersey police officer, this 55-year-old Verizon service representative has two sons in their 20s, the same age as Casey Anthony. Neither of her sons has had any legal trouble, but said "sometimes they're not angels. Being a mother, I would want someone to take all the facts" if they ever had to stand trial. Given the right set of facts, "I have no problem voting for the death penalty." Like juror #7, she sits turned toward the witness, but has slouchier posture.

Juror #9 Perhaps the most attentive juror of them all, this 53-year-old former logger from Indiana watches the proceedings with a fervor befitting a man who watches PBS and the History Channel in his spare time. His nephew is a deputy in Manatee County, but he's not necessarily a pro-prosecution juror. "Our system is that you are innocent until you are proven guilty," he told the court. "I believe in that." He is perky and friendly. He often smiles at the deputies.

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