Casey Anthony Jury 'Not Interested' In Speaking to Media


Juror #10 The panel's second Verizon employee, a 57-year-old male retention specialist, has never married and has no children. In court, he's inscrutable, focused on the proceedings, rarely glancing elsewhere. In voir dire, he claimed to enjoy reading, but hadn't kept up with the case. "I don't really know any of the details, and I do believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty," he said. He once trained to be a corrections officer, but never applied for a job in the field. He's had familial legal troubles himself: his sister and her boyfriend committed a violent crime against his father.

Juror #11 This single 33-year-old high school gym teacher reminds many in the gallery of Johnny Depp and Matt LeBlanc. During compelling testimony, he leans forward to the edge of his seat, knees apart, elbows on knees, with his hands clasped. He was selected for the jury even though he had "formed an opinion of guilt" because he said he could set it aside and "keep my mind open." He characterized the death penalty as "a necessary option." This juror seems to have a voracious curiosity for everything in court ? especially the gallery and balcony, which he often scans during the numerous sidebars.

Juror #12 "Not a modernized person" is how this 60-something mother of two adult children (and one grandchild) described herself in voir dire. She doesn't own a computer, doesn't have cable TV and is "not that into" newspapers. Unsurprisingly, she had little knowledge of the case before these proceedings, although she did hear about it when news first broke. She works part-time as a cook at Publix supermarket and enjoys legal dramas. Asked for a number to represent her support of the death penalty, she stated, "the highest number, 10." In court, she has a laser focus on the testimony before her.

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