Casey Anthony Turns Away Jailhouse Visit By Mom


Dr. Phyllis Chesler, a psychologist who authored "Mothers on Trial," told the Associated Press that Anthony will have to deal with an "absolutely primitive blood lust" that's been unleashed, even though she's been acquitted. "How is she going to cope with the hatred?" Chester asked.

Cheney Mason, one of Anthony's lawyers, said that several therapists have offered their services free of charge to Anthony.

Besides having to stay in jail for another nine days, Anthony faces a $4,000 fine imposed by Judge Belvin Perry for lying to police officers and triggering a police investigation of Caylee's fake kidnapping. The county also intends to present Anthony with a bill to pay for the manpower spent searching Caylee.

Many protesters outside the courthouse seemed less concerned with how much extra time she serves and more concerned about what happens next in terms of book or movie deals. One woman held a sign urging the public to boycott whatever method Anthony might decide to use to cash in on her story.

Alan Dershowitz, part of the defense team that worked on the O.J. Simpson case and a Harvard law professor, sees the Anthony case as a prime example of how the justice system separates what happens outside the courthouse from what happens inside.

"There's a disconnect, because people outside see the trial on television, they think of it as reality television. And on television there's always a result. If this person isn't guilty, someone else is," Dershowitz told ABC News.

"In real life, we may never know what happened. We may end up with uncertainty. Uncertainty is a very important part of the criminal justice system," he added.

And Anthony is not the only one in the crosshairs. A sign popped up at Skyline Chili restaurant in Clearwater, Fla., reading "Pinellas County jurors NOT Welcome!!!" an apparent message for the jurors that found Anthony not guilty.

Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the trial, even said that someone has threatened to "fillet a juror and feed the pieces to the piranhas."

ABC News Radio and the Associated Press contributed to this report

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