Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy Anthony Searched for Chloroform on Computer


Cindy Anthony Offers Explanation for Stained Casey Anthony Car

She said that the only new stain found in the car July 15, 2008, after George and Cindy Anthony picked it up from a tow yard was the indentation of a gas cylinder. The same day that the couple picked up the abandoned car, Cindy Anthony reported Caylee was missing.

Cindy Anthony's testimony followed forensic testimony by hair and fiber experts and a toxicologist.

Defense attorney Jose Baez attempted to poke holes in a forensic expert's statement that hair found in Casey Anthony's car showed post-mortem banding, proof that a dead body had been in her car. The hair evidence is crucial in linking Casey Anthony to the crime.

Baez grilled FBI hair and fiber analyst Stephen Shaw about his research, making him show slides of hair taken from people that were alive that showed darkening similar to post-mortem banding. In showing the slides, Baez made a gaffe by inadvertently allowing evidence to be admitted that he had successfully objected to during the state's case.

Upon cross-examination, however, Shaw said that only hair from a decomposing body can show post-mortem banding.

Evidence photos in Casey Anthony murder trial

The toddler's remains were found Dec. 11, 2008, in a wooded area near the Anthony family home.

A single strand of hair found in Casey Anthony's Pontiac Sunfire showed signs of the banding and the hair was similar to hair found with Caylee's remains.

Three pieces of duct tape were found with Caylee's skeletonized remains. Hair found on the duct tape matched the hair found in Anthony's car, Shaw said today.

A toxicologist was called by the defense in an attempt to debunk air samples analyzed by Arpad Vass, an expert in the odor of human decomposition.

It was ruled that the toxicologist is not an expert on air samples. He had not worked on a study of air samples in 20 years.

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