Casey Anthony Trial: Lee Anthony, Cindy Anthony Baffle Prosecutors


Casey Anthony's Team Shows Pictures of Cayle in the Pool

Both Casey and Cindy Anthony cried as pictures of Caylee wearing a bright yellow life vest and purple bathing suit were shown as she climbed up the pool ladder with the help of her grandmother.

"It's a picture of Caylee walking up the ladder and I'm behind her and holding her...My hands are on her but not firmly…just like a light touch," Cindy Anthony said.

The family took precautions, buying new life vests as Caylee outgrew each one. They also removed the pool ladder after each swim and moved a pool deck box when Caylee grew big enough to bother it.

"We also made sure that we taught Caylee that she had to be with us, one of us, to go into the pool," Cindy Anthony said.

As Caylee got older, she sometimes was impatient to wait for family to guide her into the pool.

"For the most part, she would just sit there and wait for us. Occasionally, especially as she got older, she was a lot more anxious because she was more familiar with the pool..she would run," Cindy Anthony said.

One photo showed Caylee in a pink printed dress looking out a sliding glass door that led out to the pool, intended to show that Caylee could have opened the door and gotten to the pool on her own.

Cindy Anthony told jurors that Caylee went swimming frequently in June, the month she disappeared. She also said that on June 16, 2008, the day that the defense claims Caylee drowned, the pool ladder was up when she came home from work.

"I called George at work to see if he had left the pool ladder up because I also noticed that the side gate was open at the same time," she said.

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