Chicago's Holiday Toll Was 82 Shootings, 14 Deaths


McCarthy said that there were eight instances where police officers either discharged their weapons or had shots fired at them.

He also noted that the police department has collected 3,400 guns in the city this year.

This weekend's rash of shootings came just a week after the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance to put further limits on gun sales in the area.

The ordinance, which was backed by Emanuel and passed unanimously on June 26, would require gun stores to have video surveillance equipment to record the sales and try to stop “straw” sales, where individuals buy guns for friends or relatives who are banned from buying their own.

"Something has to happen to slow down the straw purchasing that happens in this state," McCarthy said this morning.

Outrage was sparked just months ago when 45 people were shot over Easter weekend, a shooting barrage that left nine people dead.

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