Chinese Students Choosing Christianity

"They worry because I will be too different. When you believe in something so deep, you will be different from other people who do not believe in anything," she said. "They're worried that some day I will end up in prison."

China Aid is a non-government Christian organization based out of Midland, Texas, that works to expose the persecution of Christianity in China. Spokesperson Mark Shane said that varying degrees of religious persecution against Christians in China exist in different areas of the country.

"In big cities like Beijing, people on one hand have some more freedom. On the other hand, [the government] also sets up strict boundaries, which people in the cities cannot step over or they will be seriously punished," said Shane, who pointed to Tunisia's recent Jasmine Revolution as China's urban nightmare.

But according to Shane, the rural areas of China, which contain more than half of that country's population, suffer the most.

"The Chinese government is very skillful at controlling the information flow," he said. "If [your Christian neighbors] are not part of a church circle, or if they're not part of a house church circle, [they] could get arrested and you would not know."

For now, Kitty remains in the U.S. After graduating from UT last semester with a master's degree in early childhood special education, she now works on a freelance basis with special-needs kids. She admits to worrying about job security, but says she is comforted every Friday night when she steps into a classroom on the UT campus, greets her Christian brothers and sisters and clasps their hands in prayer.

"Things change every day," said Kitty. "When I have worries about my future, I just read the bible and I feel like, God already leads my way. He already has a plan and I don't have to worry about that." contributor Reshma Kirpalani is a member of the ABC News on Campus bureau in Austin, Texas.
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