'Collar Bomb' Suspect Overlooks Detail that Leads to His Kentucky Arrest


An "extremely frightened" Pulver waited a few minutes thinking the masked man was robbing the house. When he did not respond to her calls, she sent a text message to her mother, asking her to call the police.

When Pulver walked from her bedroom and removed the documents from the plastic sleeve, she saw the word "explosive" and feared there was a bomb around her neck. A panicked Pulver called her father and told him to call the police. But when she continued reading the note, she saw that it instructed her not to call the police so she called her father back, but he had already made the call.

The note around Pulver's neck included this message: "Powerful new technology plastic explosives are located inside the small black combination case delivered to you. The case is booby trapped. It can ONLY be opened safely, if you follow the instructions and comply with its terms and conditions."

The note instructed Pulver on how to transfer a "defined sum" of money would be relayed once a confirmation email was sent to dirkstraun1840@gmail.com.

The name in this email address mirrors a character from a 1966 James Clavell novel, Dirk Struan. The character is a 19th century businessman who goes to extreme lengths to destroy his business rival and dominate Chinese trade.

When the police arrived, they said, "Initially, [Pulver] was crying and hysterical, but after a time, she became more reasonable and settled and gave the police the note," the document said.

For the next 10 harrowing hours, police worked to evaluate the device and keep Pulver calm. It was ultimately determined that the device was not explosive.

Paul Peters Alleged Left Trail of Clues

Pulver described the man as being in his 60s with a "slightly protruding stomach and weathered skin."

Police were able to determine that the dirkstraun1840@gmail.com. account had been checked three times in the two hours after the suspect left the Pulver home. They traced the computer checks to a library and a video store that allowed access to computers. Surveillance cameras at both locations spotted the man described by the teenager and his parked Range Rover.

The Australian Road and Traffic Authority supplied investigators with the names of people who owned Range Rovers in the area, leading them Paul Peters, the affidavit states.

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