Colorado Logger Pinned by Trailer Amputates Own Toes


As for Hutt, it has now been two weeks since he amputated his own toes, and he says he is still in pain. But he does offer advice for those who find themselves in similarly horrific situations.

I think it's real important to keep your head and not just panic and start screaming," he said. "That ain't going to do you any good, you need to start figuring the way to get out of the situation like that. And do whatever it takes to do it."

The police retrieved his severed toes but unfortunately doctors were not able to save them, as they were far too mangled to be reattached.

"They told me there was no hope for them. They said there was nothing to attach the toes to," he told the Associated Press.

Hutt's sense of humor, however, is just as intact as his intuitive sense of survival.

"My insurance agent asked me why I called an ambulance. He said I should have called a tow truck," He said. "Everybody's a comedian!"

ABC News' Clayton Sandell, Dan Childs and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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