George Lucas' California Housing Proposal to Become Reality


That leaves the foundation with about 200 acres for the proposed housing project, which he says is more than enough. Early plans are looking at building about 300 apartments and condos on the land, most likely for senior citizens in need. Peters estimates the project will take about two years to complete.

"[Lucas has] been an extraordinarily good steward of the land and neighbor and planner and job creator," Peters said. "Most communities would bend over backwards to welcome him."

Lucas' projects in the county have created hundreds of jobs and brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, Peters said.

As for the neighbors, it's unclear what they think.

"The immediate neighbors, the ones that have been in a jostling match with Mr. Lucas, gave the reporter nightmare response, 'No comment,'" Peters said.

He plans to sit down with each neighbor to talk about the benefits of the project and joked that he might be the one that comes out "with a stick in my eye."

Lucasfilm has already shared the costs -- millions of dollars -- for the two decades' worth of studies on the land's grading, topography, water and power sources.

"It's an enormous head start both in time and money," Peters said.

He added that many people have a stigma with the term "affordable housing" that makes them feel as if something is about to go wrong and jeopardize issues like property value type of neighbors.

"If we can get people to sit down and have good conversations with them, we can show them that these will be well-designed, well-managed affordable housing complexes," Peters said. "This is completely serious and completely sincere."

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